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Neck pain can make it hard to turn your head and can cause stiffness and immobility. Dr. Lavi offers different forms of treatment options to provide effective pain relief for neck pain for patients in the Sherman Oaks, Rancho Cucamonga, Downey, and Arcadia area.

Neck Pain Q & A

What Causes Neck Pain?

The neck is a complex structure that bears the weight of the head on top of its cervical vertebrae. Pain in the neck can come about from a pinched nerve where the vertebrae shift out of alignment and pushes on the nerves. This can cause radiating pain from the neck into other areas of the body. Vertebrae can shift out of alignment from:

  • Poor posture such as sitting hunched over your phone all day
  • Your neck being stuck in an awkward position for a long period of time
  • Your neck being forced beyond its normal range of motion
  • Sleeping in awkward positions

Whiplash is also one of the most common reasons for neck pain to occur. The sudden movement from whiplash snaps the neck awkwardly, over stretches, and tears the tendons and ligaments in the neck.

Can neck pain can be prevented?

The more common forms of neck pain can be avoided most of the time by using a few simple techniques, such as:

  • Using a firm pillow when you sleep
  • Sleeping on your side or on your back
  • Maintaining good posture when your sit or stand
  • Moving your computer monitor to eye level
  • Getting regular exercise to maintain proper movement in your neck

What is treatment like for neck pain?

Orthopedists like Dr. Lavi are specifically trained to deal with problems involving the muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and bones that support your body and allow movement. These are the areas most commonly affected when neck pain becomes evident. After the direct root cause of your neck pain has been diagnosed, Dr. Lavi will recommend a course of treatment that may include:

  • Rest – This includes resting the damaged area for a few days with care being placed on not engaging in activities that strain neck muscles, joints, or ligaments.
  • Medication – Prescription medications may be used to reduce inflammation, relax muscles, and relieve pain.
  • Immobilization - To allow your body to heal and prevent re-injury, Dr. Lavi might recommend a neck brace be worn for a certain amount of time.
  • Physical therapy and exercise - Your orthopedist, Dr. Lavi, might refer you to a physical therapist who will customize a program of stretching and strengthening to relieve your neck pain and help prevent future problems.
  • Surgery – As a last result, Dr. Lavi might recommend surgery. This may be necessary if you've suffered a herniated disk in your spine or if some other problem is putting pressure on your spinal cord or nerve roots.